Welcome to A Lucky Sixpence! Wow, this is exciting; you must have a wedding or some other important event in your future.  Well, take a deep breath.  How about one more.  You can do this!

My name is Jennifer Aossey, and I have been preparing all my life to be your Wedding Officiant.  Your wedding day should be special and filled with love, no matter what type of ceremony you are thinking of.  Whether you picture your special day as elaborate or simple, formal or fun, traditional or non-traditional or anywhere in-between, I’m here to insure that all your wedding ceremony dreams come true.


 What Do I Provide For Your Wedding?

  • Guide you in thinking about your wedding day in a meaningful way, so that the ceremony we create continues to be a joyful memory for you both throughout the years.
  • Customize your vows to include an appreciation for your backgrounds.
  • Encourage you to develop a warm and heartfelt ceremony.
  • Help you create a day of peace and love which will never be forgotten.
  • Paint a picture of your relationship and commitment with words and ceremony.
  • Include traditions that are important to you in your wedding ceremony, such as prayers, blessings, and other rituals.

  (480) 695-2126

When you’re ready to begin the conversation about your wedding ceremony, please call me at (480) 695-2126.  You can also fill out the information on the Contact page and I will be in touch with you within 48 hours.